What is a septic tank and how to install it?

27 марта 2021 г. — Банки России

Every person who has a suburban area tries to equip it as comfortably as possible, that is, to create comfortable conditions for living and resting. And the first thing that the owners of the house are faced with is the installation of an individual sewage system. Indeed, many summer cottage and cottage settlements do not have a central sewerage system. Therefore, this problem falls on the shoulders of the owner of the dacha. With the help of a septic tank, this problem can be solved quickly enough.

What is a septic tank and how to install it?

What is this device?

Before buying a septic tank, you need to decide on its type. Septic tanks are:

The septic tank of the first type is a simple device that can be safely called an improved analogue of a conventional cesspool. However, it requires periodic pumping down. This type of septic tank is inexpensive and very reliable. The only negative is the frequent pumping of waste water. It is best suited for a summer residence, that is, not for permanent use.

If people permanently live in a country house, then it is recommended to buy a bioseptic, which consists of two tanks. In the first section, waste water is divided into heavy and light fractions. In this case, the heavy ones go to the bottom, while the light ones remain the surface. And during drain cleaning services in Denver and then it is discharged into the soil. Compared to the first type, bioseptic is more expensive in price. But it has an advantage - you don't need to pump out the water often.

What to consider when choosing a septic tank?

The modern market offers a wide variety of septic tanks, each of which has its own design features. It is important to find also suitable sewer line repair companies in denver. But the first thing you need to pay attention to when buying this device is its volume. For example, 150 liters per person per day is intended for a more economical consumption, and for a more intensive one - 300 liters per person per day.

 How to install a septic tank?

Before installing a septic tank, you need to pick up pipe lining companies near me and dig a pit. Then a sand cushion is poured on its bottom, and a concrete slab is laid on top. After that, you need to install a septic tank and fix the cables to it. This is necessary so that groundwater cannot squeeze out the device. Cover with soil on top. In this case, the ventilation pipe must come out to the surface.

When choosing a septic tank, the material of its manufacture plays an important role. The most important thing here is that it is durable and airtight, and does not allow untreated wastewater to seep into the ground.


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